series: "Need&Greed"

NEED&GREED - 2018 - film, color, 09:12 min

Hands have no face and their language is universal.  In their gesture I found strong expressions. Water as an element of nature in constant movement and hands shadows floating in the water. They rise like whispering voices: „More and more is today's motto more of money … more of power … more of status, more from a relationship … more love … more contacts … more ... more ... more ... no end to this greed! ... …“ (Deepti Agarwal -

Voice: Helen MELON
Extracts of poems by Hebert LOGERIE - Akhtar JAVAD - Dave Alan WALKER - Hasmukh AMATHALAL - Aphrodite Anastasia MENEGAKI - THEOREM THE TRUTH SERUM - Eric COCKRELL - Winston HARDING - Rm. Shanmugam CHETTIAR - Deepti AGARWAL - Dr. Geeta Radhakrischna MENON


ARTspring 2018

NEED&GREED I, 2017 - Fotoinstallation  - 5x Photographie b&w - 2x mirrors à 30x40cm/50x65cm

     ND Photo Award 2017 - honorable mention in fine art: conceptual category


              Art Limited 2019

Urheberrechten: paola telesca, 2016