series: "on nature"

A game between perception and the viewing habits - Ein Spiel mit der Wahrnehmung und den Sehgewohnheiten des Betrachters

Series "On Nature", 2019

photography, 40x40cm


Series "On Nature", 2018 - photography, 40x40cm

Series "On Nature", 2019 - digital photography, à 100x100cm

Nymph, 2019 - photography, 80x80cm

artwork selected for PhotoPlace Gallery’s juried exhibition, "Water 2019" - Juror: Elizabeth Avedon


Series "On Nature", 2019 - photography, 60x90cm

Art Limited - Visa Award, 2019

Series A different perception - digital photography - 40x40cm - 2018 - Edition: 6+3AP

A simple walk in the park and a new look at my environment. The familiar view of our surrounding, what we no longer consider around us is again visible and highlighted. Out of their context, if you look closely at things, they gain a new magic.

Series "On Nature", 2019 - digital photography - 60x60cm

Series "On Nature", photography, 40x40cm, 2018

Art Limited - Visa Award, 2019

Art Limited - Visa Award, 2019

Art Limited - Visa Award, 2019

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